Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hey Blogger, Flag This!

Please understand I'm not one of those dedicated daily blogger types. I might go a month or two before I feel the need to vent via the Ol' blog. In fact it was just yesterday I noticed a new addition to Blogger. Of course I'm talking about the addition of the Flag option. "Flag As Objectionable" is how Blogger refers to the new option and goes on to state ...

"... a means by which readers of Blog*Spot can help inform us about potentially questionable content, so we can prevent others from encountering such material by setting particular blogs as "unlisted." This means the blog won't be promoted on but will still be available on the web — we prefer to keep in mind that one person's vulgarity is another's poetry. Or something like that."

To me this smells like another worthy goal in the life of tepy at houston lake.

The goal will be to have this blog flagged as objectionable without posting pictures of George Bush, Bill Clinton, or my first wife. Far too many people find at least one of these objectionable. Furthermore, each post will have one story, blurb, or theme written to twist some specific personality type into throwing the flag. The fun will come when you, the reader, discover yourself clickin' the flag. Enjoy!

This Post's Flag Twister - Too Easy

My first wife reminds of the kind of woman who would use a spermicide. Not to kill the sperm mind you, but just to keep those weeds down.


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