Sunday, June 19, 2005

Lighting Bug

I'm going to the porch now, and while I'm there I'm going to think of something to write.

That was fun. As I sat on my little bench by the door, the first thought I had was how often people will just sit around waiting for something interesting to happen. After all, that's what I was doing. I was just sitting there waiting for something interesting to write about. I wanted a subject that would captivate my imagination and lubricate the gears of my brain. I wanted a light to come on inside my head. Right about the time I was giving up a light did pop on, illuminating the obvious and full-filling the goal. But the light wasn't yellow as they are in cartoons, this light was green.

In the central United States, around the Kansas City area, you can step out in the twilight hours and see a spectacular light show. We call them Lighting Bugs. ( *see Wikipedia ) Lighting Bugs are harmless little creatures who, during the summer months, come out at dusk and advertise for a mate by flashing their abdomens in a bright phosphorus green. This year, on the shores of Houston Lake, the lighting bugs are thick. As I sat and gazed across the lawn it looked like a carpet of green emeralds. Lights would come on and glow for a second or two and then fade back off, back on, and off again. The cycle repeating until, I assume, a date was made. Then I noticed a lighting bug whose light never completely faded from view. What was wrong with the light? Why couldn't this creature turn its light completely out? Was it old and dying or young and growing? I was fascinated with this lighting bug. Partly, because the light never went completely out, I could watch its path and see its every movement. But really I wondered about its bad light. Then this lighting bug flew directly at me, hovered above my head, floated down, and lit on my leg. As soon as the little guy touched down the light went out! Wow, was the lighting bug choosing me as its mate? As the thought crossed my mind I brushed the bug away and went back inside the house. If I was appealing to bugs in such a manner then it was time for me to take a shower.


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