Saturday, June 18, 2005

How will we ever survive this?

Ever hear of Terrence McKenna? Terrence authored this deal called Novelty Theory, which claims the end to civilization comes December 12th, 2012. (*see Wikipedia ) Futhermore, the theory claims a totality of human thought and sophistication occurs on this day. The result being an end to civilization. Could blogging be the catalyst to this doomsday theory? I think maybe it could.

Face it, this is getting too easy do. I got my blog set up all nice and pretty according to the instructions in less than an hour. I post a story from my childhood about prunes and I'm amazed how easily it's done. Then I come across a method for posting to my blog by just sending an e-mail. I test it, it works, I fall off my chair. This is it! This is how Terrence's bizarre little theory plays out. Everyone, the whole world over, is blogging away their thoughts and on December 12th, 2012 we reach a totality of human thought. And then there's that sophistication part ..... nevermind.


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